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We specialize in producing fresh and simple food with fast and friendly service!

Peru’s unique geography has shaped its varied cuisine, which has more unique dishes than any other in the world. Peruvian chef have a variety of fresh and flavorful ingredients at their disposal.

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We cater corporate events, weddings, holiday parties, and any special occasion.

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The History

of Ceviche

Many years ago, some Peruvian fishermen, lost at sea for days, had nothing to sustain them but the fish they caught. With no fire for cooking, they devised tasty dishes that saved their lives.

These emergency rations have come down to us as ceviche, the fresh delicious, thoroughly appetizing dishes (served mild, medium or spicy at Renzo’s).

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High-class professional service

Our specialty is Peruvian Food made with much love for the adventurous that like to try the different flavors that our cuisine has to offer. Kids eat free every Monday and Tuesday all Day , so bring the whole family .


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